Air by Crazybaby Review/Rant


Those of you who read my article a couple of weeks back will now how valuable it is to have something to listen to so the silence doesn’t drive you insane.

That’s why we listen to music, podcasts, YouTube or whatever else floats your boat! And that’s why investing in a pair of good headphones is extremely important!

Which is why it was impossible to contain my disappointment at Air by Crazybaby.

The Good

The sound is excellent. There’s no denying that. Crazybaby have created wireless earbuds that can reasonably be compared to my beloved Sennheiser Momentum headphones. That’s no mean feat. And while I’m no audio professional I know quality when I hear it.

It’s clear Crazybaby put a lot of work into their earbuds…it’s just a shame they couldn’t follow through.

This concludes “The Good”

The Bad

Air by Crazybaby boasts a sleek, metallic charging tube. The earbuds can be popped in there for a while to charge, then taken out and used as required. Essentially a dedicated portable charger for your earbuds. This means they can’t be used while charging but that is the inevitable downside of choosing earbuds over headphones. I can’t hold that against them.

But this is where things start to go downhill.

The first thing you’ll notice when opening this tube is that it doesn’t actually lock. The Quick Start Guide tells the user to “Rotate the indicator line to the filled circle position” but this isn’t necessary. Despite some clicks that would seem to indicate locking and unlocking, the practical effect is non-existent. It can be opened from any angle and it makes no difference whatsoever. But don’t worry, your earbuds won’t fall out…because the tube is stiff as hell.

That’s true whether ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’. The first indication that they dedicated all their manpower to the marketing…but not much else.

Buuut it gets worse.

The Worse

The Air earbuds boast Bluetooth 4.2 capability that can provide a reliable connection from up to 10 meters way…maybe something was lost in translation.

In reality, if you stray 2/3 metres they’ll cut in and out like you’re listening to a walkie talkie in 1983.

But here’s the big one…

The right earbud.

Technical faults fall through the gaps now and again. Of course they do. And they can be forgiven.

But that’s where non-review copies come in handy.

The product advice site sees an average user view of 1.6/5…

The anomaly that rates them at 3/5 does so despite using phrases like:

“Pairing the earbuds is easy, but it requires a lot of luck for the sound to come out perfectly on both side.”


“On bad days, the left side doesn’t play sound even if you paired the earbuds with the phone.”

Buy or Avoid?

Avoid. Save yourself, head to the hills etc etc!

With the rise of companies like Huion in the display tablet market it seemed possible that another company was rising to buck the stereotype of Chinese products as cheap, inferior, trash. But I guess the headphone market will have to wait.

I’ve reached out to Crazybaby for comment but as of writing they haven’t responded. Any new information will be added at the top of this page.


So thanks for indulging my little rant. Join me next time when I’ll be listing my top 5 favourite comic book artists working in the industry today!

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