TOP 10 Comic Creators to follow on Instagram

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Everyone loves Instagram but as far as I’m concerned there are two ways to use it.

The first is to be a passive user. A passive user initially follows their friends and colleagues but may go on to follow celebrities so they can swipe through and entertain themselves when they’re on the toilet.

The second is to be an active user. I don’t mean putting out content, we’ll go into that another time, I mean seeking out the kinds of accounts that will provide inspiration or artistic direction. Also probably on the toilet.

There’s nothing wrong with either approach but this article is for the latter. So without further ado I present the top 10 Comic Creators to follow on Instagram:

Honourable Mention: Sam Dempsey @dempsalicious1

Horror creature illustration by Sam Dempsey

Sam is a London-based artist whose work never ceases to blow me away. Dempsey has a dedication and level of skill that mean even his sketches can be invaluable in your own artistic journey. His focus on commercial art and comissions keeps him from the comic artist top 5 but he’s one to watch!

5. Jim Lee @jimleeart
Known for: Batman: Hush, Superman: For Tomorrow
Jim Lee has been a staple on the spine of the comic book industry for decades now. Since joining the industry in 1987 his work has inspired thousands of young artists to try their hand at comic books. His macho, scratchy style has become a signature of the 90-00s era of comics.

4. Ryan Ottley @ryanottley

Known for: Invincible, Haunt

Invincible is one of the greatest creator-owned comics ever made but that never would have been the case without Ryan Ottley. The series’ initial artist Cory Walker provided the colourful, family-friendly basis for what would become one of the most out-and-out brutal comic books outside of the 90s. Ottley ran with what Walker started and with his gruesome knowledge of anatomy created some of the most memorable scenes in modern comics history.

3. Odunze Whyte Oguguo @WhytManga,100):origin()/pre00/f9d5/th/pre/i/2014/273/5/e/dark_lords_of_black_bottom_island_by_odunze-d8138av.jpg

Known for: Apple Black (Saturday AM)

The first artist in our top 3 is also the least widely known. WhytManga AKA Odunze Oguguo is the writer/artist of Apple Black, serialized in Saturday AM. WhytManga’s goal, along with the rest of Saturday AM, is to bring diversity to the world of manga. As both manga and web-based comics grow, this already successful creator is one to watch as the new generation takes on the industry.

2. Greg Capullo @real_greg_capullo

Batman Court of Owls Cover by Greg Capullo

Known for: Spawn, Batman

Greg Capullo is best known for his work on the Batman title of the 2011 “New 52” DC Reboot. Alongside writer Scott Snyder, he produced masterpiece after masterpiece. From The Court of Owls, to The Death of the Family and Endgame, each new storyline became an instant classic in a way few other writer/artist duos could ever hope to match. His art style is fantastic in it’s ability to combine anatomical accuracy with a personality the industry has never seen before. Capullo is largely focused on Twitter but there is an account that reuploads his work to Instagram, though at this time it’s unclear whether Capullo is involved with it.

1. Kenneth Rocafort @mitographia_kr

Known for: Superman, Red Hood and the Outlaws

There are a ton of reasons you should be following everything Kenneth Rocafort does. Like Greg Capullo, Rocafort is one of the artists breaking away from the rigid forms of the past. His use of watercolours in his work are a far cry from the traditional half-tones of the past and a nice break from the digital colouring so prevelant in the industry. But what makes Rocafort’s Instagram particularly special is the fact that he draws a new picture every day in a pocket-sized notebook which he auctions off at the end of each year. To maintain intrigue, the first page of every month is hidden, so only the holder of the book gets to see these special illustrations.

That’s why Rocafort gets the number one spot on my list! But do you agree? Who do you think should’ve won and why? Lets find out in the comments below!

I didn’t make it into the top 5 but check out my Instagram (@BenAJNillustration) and use the code GRANDOPENING to get 10% off orders over £50 on my store!

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